Prodigynet for Teachers  
Always free for teachers, students and supporters. Prodigynet is a game-changing approach to education. It dramatically reduces the administrative burden on teachers while giving them tools and time to engage students at new levels. Here's how…
one Build a Lesson

Easier than making toast. The lesson builder is used to compile a series of questions and answers, text, images and hints. Enter a set of questions, define a few parameters and you're done. You can even start with a popular lesson created by another teacher and modify it for your own needs.   Take a Tour

two Assign a Lesson

Pick a lesson, pick a student, click go. As quick as it should be. You can specify a due date and request notification on completion if you want. The student is notified and the lesson is tossed into his/her book bag. When done, the teacher gets an email notice, and detailed records are stored of the student's activity. Supporters can also get auto notification of all assignments and completions.   Take a Tour

three Tracking & Reporting

When done, the teacher gets an email notice, and detailed records are stored of the student's activity. If requested, supporters (usually parents) can also get instant notification. Daily or weekly reports are compiled and emailed to teachers and supporters without anyone crunching a single number. Student analytics and profiles are always accessible on demand as well.   Take a Tour

four Execution

We saved the best for last. Even though the lesson builder, integrated assignment, automated tracking and reporting will save educators an unspeakable amount of time - Prodigynet was not named for these tireless heroes. It was named for the students who will emerge from the lessons, more appropriately referred to as the games. In Prodigynet, lessons are executed in a manner that brings out the competitor in us. The game approach is inherently reactive, giving students instant feedback on their efforts. It allows for infinite repetition, and endless failure without penalty. Click here for more details on the game method of learning.   Take a Tour

What is
Its time to be
Now its about the
games. Let's play.
Beta Launch
Prodigynet Beta
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