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Knowing what our kids are doing at school is the single most important tool needed to help them.
The Inevitable Question

Parents and students all know the routine. Kids get homework - sometimes parents hear about it, sometimes they don't. The inevitable question on Sunday night is "do you have any homework?" Parents feel bad for waiting until then to ask, but that's the way it goes. Sometimes its just too late, and we get the inevitable dreaded answer, or sometimes the lie that we accept regardless.

Why does this happen? And why do parents keep finding themselves in the sad position of being uninformed, unhelpful and ultimately unsupportive? The truth is they don't get the information they need when it can help. The only source is their kids, but this is yet another burden for the kids to bear. These channels of communication are slow and ultimately self-defeating.


In a world of email, tweets, push notifications, cloud computing and a thousand other ways for us to be informed - why can't we get a simple email telling us our kids homework assignments? We all know it can be done.

In a system where lesson creation, assignment, correction, tracking, and reporting are all integrated into an application - and living on the web, these problems are solvable and then some. With a special user account for supporters, Prodigynet can inform parents of all assignments when they're given. It can tell parents when assignments have been completed, what the scores were and send a detailed report daily or weekly. The reports show a student's status relative to their own history, to the history of the course and to their peers. Trend analysis reveals more than you can imagine. This regular insight into your kid's activity makes the old four-month report cards look like a pile of sticks. Now you have the tools to be supportive.

Get in there!

Prodigynet has one more treat for supporters. If you want to be even more help to your kids, or simply get a glimpse of their world - take the lessons. Every user has a book bag and can take any lesson - see how engaging and fascinating the new learning medium can be. Maybe they'll be helping you.

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