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Wouldn't it be nice if all those textbooks, notebooks and handouts could be squeezed onto your smartphone and onto the Internet? Get at them from anywhere with an Internet connection. Now that would make life just a little sweeter.
Don't need an app for that?

The first thing Prodigynet will do for students is empty out their backpacks. We're going to mashup the very idea of textbooks, literature, notebooks, worksheets, itineraries and journals into a digital world that lives on the web. While we're at it, we'll make it fit on a mobile device so you're not stuck in front of a computer doing your homework.

All Fun and Games

The old way of learning in a school is maybe not the best way - but to be fair, one teacher can only do so much for 25 students. The current approach involves giving students reference information and having them answer a set of questions which get confirmed the next day at best. It may be another day before the material can be reviewed. This delayed interaction destroys the learning process. Without a high level of support from parents, teachers and peers, the entire academic effort becomes an exercise in futility that only succeeds on paper by passing everyone (somebody had to say it).

The new way to learn is not actually new at all. It may just be the oldest trick in the book. It's games. We learn by playing games. The short-of-it is that a good game is one where we fail repeatedly, but know we've failed and have an opportunity to try again. There are other important elements to the process, like experience recognition (level up), performance recognition (time bonus) and status recognition (the scoreboards). Click here to read more about game theory. Prodigynet executes every lesson like a game, the harder the better.

Take your Education

As a student, how bad do you want an education? Possibly not so much. Maybe you're a better student than I was and like your classes. So why should you sit around waiting for slackers like me? Look at it this way, maybe you just want to get it over with before lunch, then hang with friends for a while. Or maybe you're one of the billions of people who would give anything for a decent education. Maybe all you have is two spare hours in any given day and no access to a school or teachers.

For all of you out there who don't fit the mould, step up and take your education. There are no more fences, locked doors, borders, price tags, clocks, fear mongers or oppressive social customs to stop you now. Prodigynet has no restrictions to any published lesson, and lessons are structured to teach and test without compromise. If you want to learn, if you want to stand out, if you want to be visibly the best in your classes - globally, take the lessons until you are.

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