Prodigynet Beta Version
The beta version of Prodigynet is now available to teachers and their students.

Teachers can build their own lessons, assign lessons to students and receive reports back - all through the automated web app. Supporter accounts are also available for associated parents.

As the full version will be completely free to teachers, students and supporters, so is the beta version.

For those teachers who may not wish to create lessons themselves, the Prodigynet team will be happy to create some lessons for you, demand allowing. All we need is a set of questions, answers and hints. Just let us know.

To join us at this early stage of the project, create a user account by completing the form to the right.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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Interested benefactors to the Prodigynet Foundation can request additional information and secured access by emailing us at Teachers who wish to participate in our Beta Test Program can Register Here. Your participation is important to us.