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Building, evaluating and improving lessons is a global group effort - here's how it works.

Online collaboration works best with a large number of participants, but only if the effort is focused. The basics of collaborative lesson building are simple. First, any registered user can create a lesson - anyone. Second, any lesson can be taken by any user (teachers, students, supporters). Third, any user can copy and re-work a lesson for their own purposes. And, fourth, everyone has a say - users can comment on, rate and recommend lessons. They can also follow, befriend, and endorse other users.

With an unlimited pool of creative contributors and the same group providing valuation and qualification, one thing is missing - recognition. For continuous improvement of lessons to happen, the most used and highest rated lessons need higher visibility. Prodigynet gives them that. If a user searches for a lesson on linear algebra, either to learn it or to teach it, the system returns the highest rated and most used lessons first.

Prodigynet helps teachers, students and supporters leverage the group's effort. If a teacher needs a lesson and doesn't have time to create it, she can simply use the highest rated one found. If the lesson isn't quite right, she can use it as a template for a revised version.

With the ability of users to comment, lessons are driven to improvement by the group. As if all this wasn't enough, the recommendation function adds even more upward pressure on quality.

Following the most fundamental concepts of social networking and open collaboration, Prodigynet becomes an ideal environment for lesson development. It provides useful collaboration for two or two million users.

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