Here are some images and explanations of the Prodigynet web application. Most are screenshots from a mobile device. Remember, this isn't an app, just a website that acts like one.

Just a few standard pages - login, home menu, and the library. Nice and clear, easy and quick to get around.

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A lesson is a set of modules and a module is a set of questions. Each module is like a level in a game, each lesson is like a game. If you finish a module, you 'level up' to the next one. These slides show the full extent of complexity of the lesson builder. Questions, answers, hints, images and a few parameters. That's it.

Building a lesson is not complicated, but a good lesson has questions that make you think, hints that help, a time limit that keeps you focused. Variations in your approach and a little tuning make different kinds of lessons ultra effective learning experiences.

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The two ways to execute a lesson are in practice mode and test mode. Both take you through the questions one at a time for as many questions or as long as the lesson is configured to. Practice mode isn't timed and you can ask for a hint whenever you need one. In some cases, the hint is the answer. To finish the lesson module, you need to run it in test mode and get the target score in the time limit - no hints. But run it as often as you like to succeed. Some lessons are in test mode only, like a reading assignment - the questions make you think about what you read. They're easy… and fun.

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There isn't much to say about administration functions. Even though Prodigynet provides an end to end service, administration like grading and reporting just happens automatically.

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A simple collection of books - search by title or author, open the book and read. The books you open will go into your bookbag, and dissapear from it when you're done. The reader will keep track of where you left off for all the books you're reading. If a book was assigned to you, it will let your teacher know when you finish reading it.

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If you start reading a book, it will go into your bookbag, if a lesson or book are assigned to you, it will go into your bookbag, if you try out a lesson and like it, you can put it in your bookbag. It's just a nice place that keeps track of what you're doing so you don't have to.

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