• Collaboration
    How can a world of teachers, collectively design the best of the best of the best interactive lessons possible? By using the tools of social networking, open source development and public domain resources.
  • Time to rethink education
    Forget e-textbooks, think collaborative lesson building. Think more games and fewer deadlines. The new paradigm is open source education, public domain resources, and instant reporting that tells more than ever before.
  • A teacher's time
    is for teaching!
    Teachers, imagine going to class with yesterday's assignments already graded tabulated and summarized - and you didn't have to do it. Imagine starting your day knowing all the results of yesterday's homework.
  • Do your best
    It is a competition
    They say 'Do your best, it's not a competition'. They were half right. Why are sports more fun than classes? Why are video games more fun than homework? Because IT IS a competition!
  • Reinventing
    Let's face it. Homework is a test. You get one chance then it goes on your grade. But what if you had all the chances in the world. Now you do. Get help for every question in practice mode, then break some records in test mode.
What is
Its time to be
Now its about the
games. Let's play.
Beta Launch
Prodigynet Beta
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